Tour to Shahdag Peak

323 AZN
Tour Single

Tour to Shahdag Peak 2 Days, 1 Night
Valid: August-September

Baku→Guba→Khinalug village→Shah plateu→Shahdag peak →Khinalug village→Guba→Baku

Shahdag peak — The second highest point of Azerbaijan Republic.The altitude is 4243 m.Shahdagh is one of the peak of Greater Caucasus mountain range and situated in the Gusar region nearby of border with Russian Federation.

Tour difficulty level- simple

Price per person - 323 AZN (group of 3 persons)

The price is included 
- National Park entrance fee 
- Relevant permissions

Contact Details:
Golden Rock Travel 
Tel: +994518508844 (Rahman)
+994552436030 (Arzu)
Adress: F.Yusifov 57,Narimanov distr
Baku, Azerbaijan

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  • 211 KM
  • 1,2 Days
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