Guba-Khinalig "Ateshgah Ecotourism Mountain House"

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"Golden Rock Travel" company invites you to Guba-Khinalig "Ateshgah Ecotourism Mountain House" for memorable and marvelous relax surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery. Guba-Khinalig "Ateshgah Ecotourism Mountain House" situated on the south-western slope of  Gizil Gaya (Golden Rock) mountain massif of  the Greater Caucasus and called "Ateshgah" by the local population is an appearance of  very interesting and mysterious natural phenomena that natural gas takes out from the depths of  the Earth in the high mountainous terrain (3000 meter). This area is situated in the near of  Khinalig village and local population always visit to here like a sacred hearth. 
We give your hands our hostel-type guest house in 2750 metres altitude above sea level, commissioned new building with all conditions and opportunities of  making tent camps under the open sky. 
You can order meals from the unique cuisine of  Khinalig village to local cook in the celebration evening.At the same time, if  you want to prepare your own meal, the kitchen of  the hostel will be at your service.One of  the unusual features of here is that, you can cook and taste different pot meals and stone kebabs on the burning stones without using any fuel (firewood, coal) in any time of  a day.
It's also possible to organise active trekking and climbing trips to the Heydar Aliyev and Ataturk tops for our guests.There is very favorable condition here for paragliding lovers.
You'll can live memorable moments looking mysterious beauty of  the nature and getting rid of  the noisy environment of  city in the lap of  grand Shahdagh tract - in the high mountainous terrain.
Contact us:
Address: Neftchiler avenue 91.
Phone: (012) 437-31-29
Mobile: (051) 291-72-25

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