Shirvan National Park

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Travel to Shirvan National Park
"Golden Rock Travel" company invites you and your children to an educational and entertaining ecotourism travel to Shirvan National Park one of  the paradise of  Azerbaijan.
The main goal in creating Shirvan National Park located in administrative area of  Garadagh district of  Baku, Salyan, Neftchala regions by Azerbaijan Republic President's order number 1298, dated 2003, July 5 is maintaining the main components of  semi-desert landscape, gazelles listed in "Red Book" of  Azerbaijan Republic and types of  fauna specific for that area, carring out the ecological monitoring, ecological enlightening population, creating conditions for tourism and recreation. Caspian Sea covers the East,General Shirvan Collector,several other collectors,Chala (Gizilgaz) lake cover the North of  the area, and it provides gazelles with water.Not freezing the water of  the Caspian Sea, channels and the lake in winter is very important for gazelles and birds in the area.
Blacksaline, shahsevdi, salt marsh-choghanli, semi-desert plants, cerenli-wormwood, wormwood-ephemeral, wormwood, xos single,grain-various herbs, ephemeral, sandy coast and hole-meadow (deveotlu) plant formations dominate in the area of  the National Park. Characteristic amphibians and reptiles fauna formed in the area of  Shirvan National Park because of  its landscape, climate and relief features. It's faced to different type amphibians listed in the "Red Book"  of  Azerbaijan Republic in the area of  Shirvan National Park which has mysterious nature.
 In the period of  migration and wintering of  birds mallard ducks, whistling teal, gray duck, marek, awl tail, strident teal, wide-nose duck, flamingo, fizzing swan, coot, feres, ordinary porzan, small porzan, gnome porzan, red breast goose, gray,white and white eyebrow geese form meetings mainly in shallow parts of  lakes and the sea, and in the deep-water areas red-nose, red-head, crested and sea divers, golden-eye duck and other kind of  ducks form meetings.
It's faced iyrences, pelican, garabattag and seagull in these biotope.
Covdarcis,bizdimki and bekas form meetings in the open wetland area in the arround of  lakes, in the sea shore moist sandy and in the lagunas.
It's found types of  all groups of  mammals spread in our republic, 34 types of  endangered birds in Azerbaijan and world-wide in the area of  the National Park.
The area of  the National Park which has rich flora and fauna is quite acceptable place for ecotourism and enlightening tours.In addition to the ecotours in semi-desert areas you can close observe gazelles in this area signing out safari tours by jeep.
For more information:
mobile: (+994) 051 291-72-25 
phone: (+994) 012 437-31-29
Address: Neftchiler avenue, 91.

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