Hirkan Ecotourism Recreation and Health Center

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Hirkan Ecotourism Recreation and Health Center.
, "Golden Rock Travel"  LLC invites you to "Hirkan Ecotourism Recreation and Health Center" located in the unique Hirkan forests near the Istisu river of  Astara region which is one of  the  mysterious nature samples of Azerbaijan.In addition to family recreation in the center located in the lap of  mountains,in the dense forest and wooden cottages for treatment, open swimming pool, children's entertainment area, testaurant and other services we offer you natural treatment without medicine for getting rid of  problems in your health.
Healing hot water existed in our center which naturally get out of  the depths of  the Earth at a temperature of  70-80C in every seasons of  year.Every cottage has its comfortable bathroom.Both rest and get treatment by free doctor's advice and under doctor's supervision.At the same time, excursions to the rich nature of  National Park are waiting for you accompanied by guide for looking the rich fauna and flora by Hirkan Ecotourism Recreation and Health Center. During these excursions you'll get chance to observe endemic plants of  National Park,also types of  endangered plants and animals included in the Red Book in the wild nature.
Benefits and advantages of  natural hot water baths for health:
- stimulates blood circulation;
- improves breathing;
- removes common chronic fatigue;
- improves functions of  internal organs;
- prevents hair loss;
- increases body temperature and boosts perspiration;
- balances hormonal level and nerves;
- removes bone, joint and muscle pains;
- it's also useful in the treatment of  rheumatism, itching, fungal disease, gynecological diseases, tooth and gum diseases, gastrointestinal diseases,diabetes, infertility, miyazit, cardiovascular problems (expands blood vessels, reduces kidney stones), from stomach wounds (to drink 3 sips before eating every morning is enough), as well as, blood pressure problems (lowers blood pressure when taking a bath more than 10-20 minutes) and other diseases.
For more information:
mobile: (+994) 051 291-72-25 
phone: (+994) 012 437-31-29

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