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"Golden Rock Travel" company invites people having active lifestyle and who wants to test extreme possibilities of  nature to the mountain races.
As we know, there are wide opportunities in Azerbaijan for carring out mountain tourism which is kind of  extreme tourism, refers to it mountaineering, speleotourism, trekking,iceclimbing and rock climbing, move the mountain cycling,mountain skiing and snowboarding.
This kind of  tourism can be carried out in every season of  the year unlike the seasonal tourism.These travels is irreplaceable for people who want to live in the same time nature and sport.And also becomes treatment important beside travel  for people.
Everybody knows that city life has negative physical and psychological impact for people.While time passing human being a part of the nature needs contacting closely with mother nature and find comfort in it.
According to the words of  experts such kind of  travels have usefulness as follows:
-stimulates all muscles in our body includes the heart muscle;
-stimulates blood circulation;
-makes normally blood pressure and prevents pressure disease;
-strengthens feeding the heart and prevents vascular occlusion;
-removes the problem of  excess weight;
-increases oxygen to the brain;
-makes easy digestion and provides balance of  cholesterol level;
-improves breathing;
-strengthens bones, improves immunity;
-increases joint and muscle flexibility and removes pains;
-removes your chronic fatigue and solves your insomnia problem;
-one of the most effective tool in cases of  depression;
-prevents aging and keeps your body hale and hearty.
As in all the world, in our country people prefer active rest while time passing,too. Though extreme tourism has some risks and danger, as a result, it means a mysterious relax.Considering all of  these, our company regularly realises expeditions and races to Bazaryurd, Shahdagh, Tufandagh, Bazarduzu mountain massifs, Khinalig village, Babadagh mountain, Heydar, Ilham and Ataturk Tops.
Contact us:
Address: Neftchiler avenue 91.
Phone: (012) 437-31-29
Mobile: (051) 291-72-25

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