Gobustan National Park and Mud Volcanoes tours

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Gobustan National Park and Mud Volcanoes tours.
Gobustan National Park which is the national wealth of  Azerbaijan people is one of  the most popular places of  interest attracted thousands tourists every year.Gobustan State Historical-Artistic Reserve has gained great reputation as a reserve-museum in the open sky. Great ancestors of  modern Azerbaijanis had been creating numerous examples material-culture reflecting life and welfare from the stone age to the late Middle Age during thousand years in this area. Gobustan Rock Carvings are the richest of  such types monuments in the world.
More than 6000 describes on rocks, 20 caves and habitations, 40 barrows have been discovered and learned by scientists in reserve area.It's been learning till today with interest by local and strange tourists.
During the tour you'll be accompanied by local and affable guide in the park listed in the world heritage list of  UNESCO.You'll get very interesting information about discovered rock carvings in this area, as if  you'll travel to thousand years before with this travel.
As we know, more than 2000 mud volcanoes have been discovered overall in 42 countries of  the world that 344 of  these volcanoes located in Azerbaijan, mainly, in the South-West Caucasus.During the tour, in addition to the visits to Gobustan National Park, you'll travel to Great Kaniza, Pilpil, Dashgil mud volcanoes along the way and you'll look at Turnip, Volcano Crater, Griffins which are all elements of  volcanism, volcano products and mud eruption.You'll observe closely and visually Baku ears nature monuments and mud volcanoes.
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