In one of the most beautiful corners of nature bestowed - Hirkan Istisu Family Recreation Center in Astara, waiting for you.

Melancholy songs of birds, the murmur of the river, hauntingly beautiful nature make you both resting and spiriting and  add special color to your vacation.

The center is beautiful, especially at night. Could be better anything than Clean air, accompanied by the sound of mysterious nature, to talk and spending time to your loved ones?

Due to have  the healing water spring baths you will recover your healthy.

Hot spring water medical importance:

- Rheumatism

- Joint pains

- Itching

- Fungal Disease

- Women's Diseases

- Hemorrhoids

- Tooth disease

- Cardiovascular problems (vessels expands into kidney stones)

- From stomach wounds (3 sip a drink every morning before eating enough)

You can take advantage of the open-air pool as well as hot indoor bathroom.

Restaurant modern designed, made of natural materials  is already available to the guests.

Please contact us in order not to deprive yourself these beauties

Phone: (+99412) 564 79 85

Mobile: (+99451) 850 88 44, (+99451) 854 55 00