Forests, springs, mountain waterfall, rivers and sea. If all they  become together will this area looks like paradise? We have a news for you. This area is existed and it is situated in Azerbaijan.


Travel to Astara which is surrounded Lerik and Lenkaran city from north, Iran Islam Republic from south and west, Caspian sea from east, which is famous with its springs (Ağ körpü, Sim, Bi, Toradi, Şeyx Nəsrullah and etc.) at the same time medical important mineral waters, wide selection of woods (Relic chestnut oak, silk tree, azat, as well as oak, hornbeam, beech, walnut, qızılgoz, lime, etc.) including rare and magnificent “Demiragac”, different foods which is cooked unique fish from Caspian, ecological pure and high quality tea!

Do not you think that all of them are enough for resting?

Astara is invaluable city for resting for people who fed up to rest in the same kind of place.

New opening “Hirkan” ecotourism and family resting complex will assist you both resting and recover your healthy. Not only you will overcome disease but also you will enjoy from magnificent beauty of nature with participating different tours to Caspian sea, “Xanbulan” lake,  marvelous mountain waterfalls.



Overnight cottages (used bath, breakfast included) - 35 AZN, 1 person

Tours  (3-day tours, including all expenses) - 199 AZN, 1 person

Cottages are limited!

For more information and registration, please contact us!

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