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Ecotourism is a newly formed concept. The United Nations initiative in 1992, the Rio World Summit held in Rio de Janeiro city and the criteria for the development of the world has been revealed. These criteria were applied in tourism and development methods of benefiting from it without damaging the environment and ensuring that all indigenous peoples would benefit from their tourism activities without destroying their culture.

Later in May 2002, in the "World Ecotourism Summit" held in Quebec, Canada, with the participation of 1100 delegates from 133 countries, Ecotourism was accepted as a common concept by all participating countries. Accordingly, Ecotourism has been regarded as an approach to preserving the natural resources of the earth, while at the same time supporting the economic well-being of the local people, promoting the preservation of their social-cultural integrity ".

The methods and principles by which the countries that accept this understanding will pass on their outcome with respect are:
Development of ecotourism policy and preparation of action plans
Improvement of rules for ecotourism
Improvement, promotion and sales of products in the field of ecotourism
Proper monitoring of income and expenditure of ecotourism

Taking into consideration the above, ecotourism covers, first of all, all nature-related tourism types, even though it is understood as tourism that provides the continuity of cultural values and environmental benefits to local peoples.
The concept of ecotourism is a newly recognized personality in Azerbaijan.Unfortunately, specialized tourism companies that deal with ecotourism in our country are not enough. The rich nature of our country and the potential of ecotourism, a great glory in terms of natural tourism types. However, it is unbelievable that this potential is rapidly destroyed as a result of the uninformed behavior of the population towards nature and the environment. We must work to prevent this by observing this danger and observing the environmental rules in the types of tourism that are made in nature.

Apart from the regions where tourism has started early, many regions are still unaware of the tourism potential of the area in which they live. Azerbaijan is a potential paradise for ecotourism. For this reason, the population living in these regions should be educated about ecotourism, aware of the natural and cultural richness of the land used in their use. Courses and trainings should be given to local administrators and to the public about types of ecotourism, and support should be given to serve local people.

It is now 4 years  "Golden Rock Travel" company specializing in ecotourism has begun to spread propaganda among native and foreign peoples in Azerbaijan to have a favorable environment for all areas of ecotourism. With the professional team of the company, we are able to offer a wide range of tourism services in Azerbaijan such as village tourism, green tourism, photo ecotourism, extreme tourism, paragliding, trekking, hiking, canyoning, speleoturism, birds-watching, butterfly-watching, tent camping, velotourism and organizing trips with ski, horse, ATV and kvadrosik and all other types of ecotourism.
"Golden Rock Travel" company travels to forests, sources, mountain creeks, teas, sea, highest peaks, world famous highlights with nature richness and fascination, healing Istisu in forests and other natural health centers from the heavenly corners of the world. At the same time, our ecotourism team is constantly engaged in educational tours. We think that this potential assessment and development is only the task of the tourism companies operating in the country, as well as each of the Azerbaijanis.